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Human Resources Officer


Malawi, Market Related (Negotiable)
Permanent position in the Human Resources sector posted by Reserve Bank of Malawi

Job Details
Employer: Reserve Bank of Malawi
The incumbent will report to the Director of Finance and Administration. He/she will be responsible for developing and implementing Human Resources (HR) policies, procedures and systems. He/she will also provide HR services to all staff and undertake administrative functions.

Key Performance Areas

1) Contributes to the development of and implements MEFMI strategy on human resources management and development.

2) Prepares and implements the HR and administration budget.

3) Develops and implements human resources policies and procedures.

4) Assists line managers and staff to understand and comply with human resources policies and procedures.

5) Facilitates the recruitment and selection of competent staff and prepares the relevant documentation.

6) Administers, coordinates and maintains the performance management system.

7) Develops the staff learning and development plan and coordinates and implements staff learning and development programmes to ensure compliance with identified or emerging needs.

8) Manages the Human Resources Management Information System.

9) Develops, recommends, implements and maintains reward systems that enable the attraction and retention of the best talent.

10) Facilitates the Institute’s participation in remuneration surveys with comparators to ensure competitive compensation.

11) Administers and maintains the Institutes’ job evaluation system to enable proper evaluation and grading of existing and new jobs.

12) Advises Supervisors and employees on grievance and disciplinary issues and ensures that they are resolved in line with the Institute’s’ policies and procedures and employment legislation.Page 3.

13) Promotes and implements health and safety programmes at the work place.

14) Manages the Institute’s regional capacity building programme for Heads of Human Resources.

15) Contributes to MEFMI publications (e.g. quarterly progress and annual report) and prepares HR reports that meet management information needs.

16) Facilitates the provision of administrative services (procurement of goods and services, office maintenance and repairs)

17) Supervises support staff.




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