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Mining Plant Managers


Malawi, Market Related (Negotiable)
Permanent position in the Mining sector posted by CareerMine

Job Details
Employer: CareerMine

Our client in Northern urgently seeks the services of a qualified and experienced Plant Manager for their operations in.

Need for 2 (two) dynamic persons with very good mining operations experience (10-15 years) with very good people and situation management skills

Must be at Manager/Superintendent level experience of at least 5-7 years;

Qualifications: Mining/Process Engineer or Metallurgist with operational experience;


Main purpose of job To Manage process in the WCP in order to deliver the budgeted throughput at required recovery levels and in the most cost effective and safe manner possible whilst optimising plant and equipment utilisation, development and execution of the weekly and hourly plans, and people requirements management.

Reports: This position reports directly to the Mining Manager.

This position has one superintendent directly reporting to it and three superintendents indirectly reporting.

The direct report is the Production superintendent who is responsible for operating the plant.

The indirect reports are the plant engineer who is responsible for maintenance, the plant metallurgist who is responsible for optimising recoveries, the shore services superintendent who is responsible for implementing tailings management.

All of the indirect reports will take their daily instructions from the plant manager but will operate as part of the Engineering Manager, Process Technical Managers and Mining managers’ structure.

Tasks Key Management Responsibilities:

EH&S compliance and management for the team and all people working in the area:

Contribute to the definition of the requirements for effective EH&S management and compliance throughout the WCP operation (policies, procedures, processes, guidelines, standards and direction). These must comply with Kenmare, legal and statutory EH&S requirements.

Define the approach required for the delivery of the required EH&S programs throughout the WCP operation. This shall include the plans, resources, timeframes and support (internal and external) for effective delivery of the required program.

Define the processes for the communication of the requirements for effective EH&S management and compliance

Ensure that the requirements for effective EH&S management and compliance are clearly communicated and understood by direct reports and all personnel operating in the Mine (employees, contractors and other personnel)

Ensure through appropriate direction and supervision of superintendents, supervisors and operators that the EH&S standards are adhered to

Ensure through own personal behaviour absolute compliance with EH&S requirements, setting an example to all employees regarding their expected standards of compliance with EH&S requirements.




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