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SHEQ Manager in Mining/Africa (Mining environment)



Develop and implement a company Occupational Health & Safety management system as part of the overall management system, which includes organizational structure, planning activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources for developing, implementing, achieving, reviewing and maintaining the OHS policy, and so managing the OHS risk associated with the business of the organization.
The OHS Management system should not only identify all hazards and risks to be managed, but provides guidelines for how they are to be managed, who is responsible for implementation actions, what resources are required, and the level of training required to properly implement the plans.
They must also identify the monitoring and reviewing requirements necessary to keep the system effective and appropriate.

The Health & Safety Manager will be responsibilities to develop, implement, managed and oversee:

Implement a Safety Maturity culture within the organization by engaging all staff to develop co-operation and commitment to improving safety closely followed by develop consistency and fight complacency.
Manage the elements of the safety management system, which includes: Health & Safety, Risk management, Training & competence, information control, system evaluation.
Manage risk via the process of identification of potential hazards, assess the level of risk, develop and implementation of controls necessary to reduce the risk to an acceptable level
Monitoring of the effectiveness of controls and assessment and monitoring of the level of residual risk
Provide an environment in which employees are not exposed to hazards, and where this cannot be eliminated; provide information, instructions, training and supervision of such conditions.
Instil a culture amongst the employees to take responsible care for their own safety and health, and that of other fellow workers.
Interact with suppliers to instil a duty of care to supply equipment, goods and services that are not only fit for purposes but also do not adversely affect the safety and health of workers.
Bring to management’s attention any condition of OHS that could pose a threat and liability to the company for immediate action and remedy.
Invite and participate in external, independent audits of the company’s OHS Management system.

Education & experience:


Degree in Occupational Health & Safety or Enterprise Risk Management 1
10 years practical experience in this field within a mining environment
Diploma from Chamber of Mines safety officers
First Aid Level 3 certificate
Opencast Blast ticket
Other relevant diplomas & certificates would be a bonus.



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